Savoring the sweet moments

It’s a Monday afternoon. Both kids are sleeping at the same time. Outside it is raining for the first time in weeks, and I sit on the couch surrounded by piles of laundry to fold – including clothes that were folded but then scattered by the toddler. There are dirty dishes around the kitchen, but there is a chicken stock simmering on my stove for our soup tonight. I have a cup of coffee by my hand that has been microwaved approximately 3-4 times today. And I thank God for these quiet moments and the comical details of my life.

Last night we had a simple Sunday night at home as a family. Normally we usually go over to my in-laws for Sunday night dinner – which we love, and is such a treat – but we ended up staying at home due to my mother-in-law being ill. We had a quiet, restful, and productive day. The children napped, we napped. My husband and I cooked all three meals together.

After dinner, a simple and nourishing meal, we just sat around the table satisfied and giddy. Rainer gave me the hugest smiles and kicked as hard as he could in his bouncer, while Lu enjoyed her Sunday treat of ice cream. Ross and I just marveled at the sweetness and beauty of the moment.

Life is never always like this, and it is such a gift when you can take a step back and take delight in your children and delight in each other. I know that I’m going to miss these days of little children and sticky fingers and drool covered cheeks.

Thank you, Lord for the beauty, the mess, and the joy.



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