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I have not done one of these in forever, but I’m feeling the blogging itch. Don’t expect anything incredible.


Last night for the first time in what feels like MONTHS (because that’s the reality), I got together with some friends for a girls’ night out. It was my first time leaving both kids with anyone other than Ross and my mother-in-law, so I was a little nervous. By the time the babysitter got to our house, I was then so excited that I just got my stuff together and left without finishing getting ready. (I realized later that I never put on any make-up, but whatevs). ANYWAY, our time together was so blessed, and I came out of it feeling such gratitude. Also, I probably had one of the best glasses of red wine I’ve had in years.


Finally at some point in this week, I began to truly feel confident as a mom of two. Because of the nature of my husband’s job, he is often gone at night and I have dinner and bedtime on my own. After two nights in a row, I had a moment all of a sudden where I realized – hey, I think I really know what I’m doing this time! Things aren’t easy, but I’m grateful for finally feel more comfortable and confident because for a while I absolutely haven’t felt that way.


This rarely happens, but on Wednesday night Ross was home from work early and done for the day. I was out with the kids on a random errand aka desperate need to get out of the house. He called from home and suggested that we all go out to eat for dinner (we never do this on our own). Two hours later we found ourselves at a really neat restaurant which basically served Asian-Cajun-esque food. The menu was really interesting and the food turned out to be even more interesting. We ate outside and the weather was gorgeous. Once it hit 7pm though we ended up rushing through our food to get Mr. Fussy home to sleep. All in all, it was refreshing eating out (spontaneously) together, especially after me and the kids dining in without dad the previous two nights.


Here in Louisiana the highs are still in the mid 80s, but if we’re lucky – like last Saturday – we might get a low of 55 in the morning. img_4334I had left the house for a couple hours – at the suggestion of Ross – for the alone time. I think we’re going to make it a regular thing because I had forgotten how much better I feel afterwards. Anyway, coming home to the sight of both kids in sweatshirts and my husband in a flannel gave me all the butterflies.


While I was out I decided to do something that I can never do with both kids…and I just browsed a consignment/antique store for fun window shopping…alone…I hadn’t done that since college. I actually found some really interesting dining room chairs and a bench, (which we might consider if we didn’t already have a big list of things to consider), and I took a picture of this lamp because hey…it’s a fox and isn’t that fun. img_4305Lu actually has an antique elephant lamp in her bedroom, which looks amazing. I thought that maybe this might look neat in Rainer’s room, but…hmm….


I have been on the fence for a long time about buying a bumbo. I’ve seen both negative and positive things about it, but like most things, I’m sure you just need to use them in moderation. We ended up purchasing this Summer Infant seat, which is similar, but much cheaper and multi-functional, and on sale for $25!



We STILL have no idea what we’re going to be for Halloween…oops. I was ALWAYS last minute with costumes growing up, and I usually went with whatever my ballet recital costume was the year before. When we go back to Virginia for Thanksgiving I have every intention of going through mine and my sisters’ old dance costumes and bringing them home (dress clothes up for Lu!).

That’s a wrap. Not too exciting, but hey, it’s Friday and that’s great!


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