3 Months with Rainer

We made it to 3 months! Hooray! Two or three weeks ago I wrote a little on our current life with both kids, and here is my monthly sentimental-mommy gushing post about this lil’ boy.


I finish editing this post crashed on the couch after a 24 hour beach trip with the family. Both Ross and I are now *enjoying* a nice sunburn and a gross summer cold. (Who likes to be congested in the heat?? Also, in my defense, we were so busy making sure the kids didn’t get sunburnt that we did). This was our first family vacation EVER (family visits don’t count). We were on Cloud 9, aside from the usual baby and toddler outbursts. This was the first time both kids had been to the beach. Luthien was in heaven, and Rainer slept hardcore but was not a fan of salt and sand.



I absolutely love having a boy. I love having a girl too, but life with a boy is sweet in its own way. Rainer is such cutie. I cannot get over how much he loves to smile and talk to us. He knows how to melt his mama’s heart. Last week he just began to giggle, not just babble excitedly, but actually giggle. I take advantage of that often, he is too adorable not to try and make laugh. He definitely knows all members of his immediate family by now. When he hears and sees Luthien upon waking up from a nap, his face just lights up. When I cook dinner with both of them in the kitchen – Rainer in the bouncer, Lu at her toy kitchen – he’ll often watch her and try to talk. Every now and then she’ll cause him to spontaneously giggle. This boy also totally loves his dad. He always gives Ross the happiest little greeting of a smile when he returns from work.



He started teething this past month. Nooooo! Luthien started teething at 3 months too. It took me a while to figure out what was wrong with her then because 3 months is an awfully early age to begin teething. I find it strange that he started at the same time, but at least I know how to handle this time around. He’s drooling quite a bit, and almost always has his hands in his mouth. It makes for an interesting time trying to give him a teether because he is still learning how to hold onto things. I gave him a ring teether last week for the first time and he was thrilled, at least he loved actually having it in his mouth. Whenever he’d accidentally drop it he would get so upset and give a funny little cry of frustration. We also tried cold washcloths, but similarly he would get super upset once it was gone. Hyland’s teething gel works the best for fussy episodes.

Similar to his sister, he went on a little bit of a nursing strike because of the teething. Fussiness has calmed down quite a bit since last week, but this guy is still pretty particular when and how he will nurse. Luthien was the same way, teething or not teething – silly kids. Sometimes he will not nurse until he’s had a little power nap. Sometimes he will only nurse if we’re laying down. Sometimes I have to stand up. It’s also always hit or miss if he’ll be happy nursing on the couch.There were a couple times last week where we had gone through a ridiculously long stretch of time between feedings. It was maddening, but whenever I’d try to get him to nurse he’d act like I was torturing him. Ohhh babies. I’m still really not too comfortable nursing him out or in public, only because it is such a hassle trying to get him to nurse at home sometimes – put a nursing cover on top of that and we’re a mess. It’s really not all that bad though, at least it’s getting a little better.

IMG_3595IMG_3687 (1)


He still does pretty well at night. He goes down for the night beginning at 7pm. If we’re lucky he won’t wake up again until 11 or midnight. I am honestly not completely sure how often he wakes up at night, maybe 2 or 3 times. Cosleeping makes everything easier; we’re able to safely bedshare and nurse but not completely wake up. We coslept with Lu until 5 months, and we’ll probably go until then with Rainer. Usually around 6:30-7:30am we’ll start our day. In the mornings he’ll take two short naps  (maybe 20-30 minutes each) while I’m wearing him. I gave up earlier trying to get him put him down, so now I just put him in whatever babywearing device I’m up for. Around 1pm he’ll go down in bed for a longer afternoon nap, and he’ll sleep anywhere from 45min-3 hours. If he takes a longer nap, he might wake up to nurse and fall back asleep. And then he’ll take one (or two) last short nap while I’m wearing him before bed. Recently he’s begun to fight his naps, but once he gives up he’s out.



This little guy is getting so big. He’s about over 15 pounds now. All of a sudden he started only fitting into 6 mo and 3-6 mo sized clothes. He still has squishiest fat rolls. It’s hilarious putting socks on him because his feet are so chubby, so we put 6-12mo sized socks on those cute things.I have no idea what his numbers are in length, but he seems tall?


 We love this little guy and are delighted to have him in our lives. Thank you, Lord for the past month and for grace in the rough spots.


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