Life with 2 Under 2 | Lessons Learned |


These two.

Life with two under two has certainly been full, beautiful, exhausting, frustrating, hilarious, and sweet. Every parent hits a new season of their life with each child and with each stage of development. I say this from not only experience but from what I’ve heard and observed from friends and family members. (Also, it’s pretty obvious, right?) When Lúthien was a baby it was our first time being parents, everything was new and unfamiliar. For myself there was a lot of uncertainty at times…Is she nursing enough? Why is she not napping for long? Why is she refusing to nurse? How long are we going to co-sleep? This time around, though I have more confidence than I did as a first time mom, there are still the natural uncertainties that come with a new baby. Yet, on top of that, it is our first time with a toddler, and it is now our first time juggling multiple children.


dance party

Each day is an adventure. Some days I’m ready for it with a cheerful spirit, some days I’m like “can we all please sleep for another hour?” Our days are filled with sweet kisses and hugs, with crying and whining, with reading and playing, with naptime and…not naptime, with chores half-completed, and with dinner sometimes burnt (jk, I’ve been getting better at that). Some nights I fly solo for dinner and bed, yet many days Ross is home for lunch during the day. Last week I had a semi-meltdown, but Ross happened to be home AND available and willing to stay with Rainer, while Lu and I grabbed milkshakes. Our life is not unique to other families in that we have two little kids, but it’s unique to us and I would never trade it for another.


Lu attempting to play with Rainer

Some lessons learned thus far in this two under two life…

Wear Rainer for his small naps during the day, that way I can play with Lu more easily.

IMG_3370 (1)

Don’t be a crazy helicopter parent about the toddler being around the baby. Allow her to give him lots of kisses…but…she might sit on him when you’re not looking in attempts to “play.”

Sometimes you need to sit in the corner of the kitchen for half a minute to eat a snack without the toddler asking “a bite, please? Snack, please?”

Read books to Lu with Rainer in my lap.

Have as much one on one time with each kid as I can.

Don’t obsess about whatever the current nursing troubles are. Rainer has huge chubby legs after all.

Give both babies lots of kisses.


Let your husband treat you to whatever offers of cookies and red wine there are. A late night taco? Are you crazy? Ok, fine, I’ll take one. 

Keep in touch and surround yourself with other young mamas.

Eat. Drink Water. All the time. A hungry, lactating Dot is not a happy Dot.


Go outside. Play outside.

Remember what true leisure is and take part in it.

But above all else seek God. Have real time with my spouse. Pray with Lúthien. Snuggle with Rainer.


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