2nd Month with Rainer


Two months already! Oh my goodness. Such sweetness.

Praise God for bringing us through the first two months! I feel like we have hit a huge milestone already. Back when Rainer was still two weeks old, a dear friend of mine who has two kids with the same age gap kept saying “the first two months are the hardest!” And here we are still going strong! (I have a feeling it’s about to get much more difficult though!)


That picture was taken right around the time he started sharing his social smile with us. Maybe it was around 5 or 6 weeks? Rainer absolutely loves to smile and coo, and he delights in anyone who wants to have a little chat. His favorite person to “talk” to is his dad. He knows when Ross is around. When Ross comes home after being gone a while, Rainer’s eyes get really big and looks around in the direction of his voice.


I love this age when he’s big enough that he doesn’t feel so fragile anymore but he’s small enough to still feel so little.


And those fat rolls. Love. Them. I love my squishy babies!

We are home now. Lu is napping in her room, and Rainer naps in my bed while I sit next to him. He had a pretty exhausting morning of his two month check up, but so far he has been a great sport today. At two months he has packed on a good 14.5 lbs of weight, and he is 23.2 inches long!

As far as the little bumps along the way are concerned…His reflux issues gradually faded away as my supply evened out, so that has not been much of an issue at all. About a week and a half ago though he began to have a little bit of trouble nursing. Sometimes when he would seem hungry, he would have trouble latching on or he’d fuss and refuse. I kept dismissing it as a stage, but the last time I did that was with Luthien. She had a nursing strike at 3 months. After a few frustrating days of trying to get her to nurse in the most creative ways possible, it occurred to me that she had begun teething. Well…again it took me a while, but I finally realized Rainer has thrush! I think part of my worries stem from me being a little to watchful over how often he nurses now and unsure over whether or not he is actually wanting to nurse. But honestly, it has been tricky and stressful (especially when we are out) helping him calm down and latch. I’m assuming that maybe his tongue is a little sore, or he just simply does not want to nurse (even when he *might* be hungry)….His doctor did not think that it looked so bad though, and it hadn’t spread to his cheeks or anything (plus, I wasn’t having any pain). I had been giving him a powdered probiotic for a week and sanitizing his pacifiers often, but I need to be much more proactive with that. Plus, now I have nystatin and have begun giving that to him. *Anyone out there have better luck with genitian violet?*

Hopefully, things smooth out soon! Though I’ve been nursing Lu for 22 months now, I had forgotten how challenging nursing a new baby can be for the first sixth months. There are those few and far between moments where we can nurse in public without a problem, but for now I prefer to be in a quiet room where I can concentrate on helping him feed without the distractions.

Thrush is the main bump along the road with this little guy though. He sleeps beautifully at night, just as his sister did. He’ll usually nurse once right before Ross and I go to bed, and then he’ll nurse about a couple more times until we’re up for the morning. (He nurses fine at night, just not often during the day). We’re beginning to phase out of the rock n’ play. He might take one nap in there during the day now, otherwise he’s either in our bed or I’m wearing him. Now that he is a little older, he’s becoming more aware of his surroundings. He seems to crave more of an ordered day, so my current goal is trying to figure out what works best for both Rainer and Luthien.

IMG_3370 (1)


We love our Rainer boy and are immensely grateful for joy that he gives our family! Luthien was such a darling when she was two months, but I believe Rainer is more liberal with his coos and smiles! I’ll be honest though, he is either smiling or he has a funny little frown on his face. Haha…Cheers to two months! We love you Rainer Louis!





One thought on “2nd Month with Rainer

  1. In most pictures he looks so much like Ross but that last precious smile picture you shared looks so much like you! Wish we lived closer and could have play dates!


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