Rainer, 1 Month

Though I did just write a scattered family update a few days ago, Rainer deserves his own post, especially for his first month. For fun, here’s Luthien’s first month update from 21 months ago.

Rainer, oh Rainer, we love you!

He is such a sweetie, and I am loving that we have a son! I still vividly remember that joy that sprang in my heart immediately after birth when Ross announced that he was a boy. It has been such a treasure to watch the father-daughter love between Ross and Luthien, and I am falling in love so quickly with him.

From the very first days, Ross and I were struck by how different he already seemed from Luthien. She was incredibly alert right out of the womb and seemed to be the happiest baby in the NICU. Rainer, on the other hand, was often sleepy and when he didn’t like something he made sure to express it. Aside from the little differences, it has been fascinating getting to know this new child of ours. It should not surprise us how unique he is in his own person, but I am often struck by the simple fact that this is another precious, new soul and not just “another Lúthien.”

To address all the newborn highlights and milestones…He has done beautifully with breastfeeding so far. Though we were separated for the first couple hours after birth (he had a little fluid in his lungs), when he was brought back to me (very hungry and eager to nurse), I placed him on my chest and he did the breast crawl and latched on so well! I had no idea what the breast crawl even was until a month before his birth.  (If you place a newborn on their tummy onto your chest while you lie down, they will actually find their way to your breast on their own with their own strength and the aid of gravity. It’s pretty awesome.)

Beginning around his second week, Rainer really started to struggle with reflux coupled with my oversupply. He seemed to throw up at least once every day during his second week, sometimes twice a day (and this was vomitting not just glorified spit up). He seemed to have a good amount of dirty diapers though, and after a call to his doctor it mainly seemed like he was struggling with an overfull tummy. Since then I’ve made sure that he has smaller but more frequent feedings which helps a lot. We have also been borrowing a rock n’ play from friends which has worked wonders, especially during the day. He loves to either nap there or on me in the sling.

His big sister loves him and lately has showered him with sweet kisses and hugs, which is the cutest. Every morning when she wakes up she asks for “Ray-rer.” She often gets concerned when he cries, and sometimes she will try and put his pacifier in his mouth. I love watching them both together. Sometimes she brings her toys up to his face as if to show him, and often she tries to play pretend with him – which he obviously can’t do anything about. This week there have been a few moments where I’ve just stared at them, taking it all in, thanking God for the beauty of the moment. Having two under two is not easy, but I love that they are (and will be) so close in age and that Lúthien already seems to delight in her new companion.

As far as growth goes, he pretty much outgrew his newborn sized Carters clothing after one week, and I phased out of newborn size diapers probably a few days after week one. Right now we’re at size one diapers and 3 month or 0-3 month clothes. Just last week I stopped using the newborn insert for our ergobaby because his legs are long enough and he is tall enough to do without.

Goodness, I feel like every time I wake up in the morning he looks bigger! His face is really starting to fill out and he’s gaining those cute fat rolls on his arms and legs. Within the past week, Rainer has begun to find his voice and coo a little. He smiles a little more often now, especially when you look at him head on. His smile melts my heart every time. I’ve been trying to enjoy any peaceful moment that  I have in order to snuggle him during Lúthien’s nap. I know how quickly the newborn phase seems to fly by, and I want to drink all the sweetness in.

It seems that now we’ve reached this far (I’m now concluding this post at 5weeks), I feel as if we are finally hitting a stride. The newness and shock of being a mom of two is starting to wear off, and I am gradually becoming more confident in mothering this newborn and our soon-to-be two year old. We’ve received such great advice from family lately, and I know that our Lord has been providing us with the graces and resources that we need when we need them.


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