What happened in 4 weeks.

We did it, we made it one month! Praise the Lord! We are exhausted mentally and physically, but we’re trekking along. Rainer reached one month old, Luthien almost knocked out a tooth, I got sick, Rainer was welcomed into the church, and Ross ended one job and began a new career.

Ross finished paternity leave (and tied up loose ends) with his old job and began training for his new job during Rainer’s 3rd week, which also happened to be my first week alone with both kids. He was working 12 hour days due to commute and training, and the schedule was completely new to us. The following week became what would look like a “normal” week for him. Some days he was in the city, some days he worked in a coffee shop in town, and most nights he had meetings. We’re working through it, and it though he often has late nights, we get to see him at lunchtime a few times a week.

Rainer has been wonderful and challenging. The first two or three nights at home were trying (as is usual), and after about a week or so, I realized that he was having some bad reflux combined with my oversupply of milk. He would throw up every day, sometimes twice, until we realized what was going on – his tummy was overfull. Since then, I’ve paid much more attention to how much he feeds, and I am pretty vigilant about making sure he stays upright and burps. It also helps that my supply has been leveling down. Every other night or so, he would cry for hours on end because of indigestion and over-tiredness, but things have definitely calmed down quite a bit. One big lifesaver has been the rock n play, which we are borrowing from friends. I’ve heard people sing its praises before, and now I totally get it. He loves to sleep in it, and every now and then he will drift of to sleep on his own, which Luthien never did.

During the day, I alternate between letting him sleep in the rock n play and letting him sleep in the moby wrap. Sometimes he will only sleep if I wear him, which Lu was like as a baby too. Lately I’ve been using the mobywrap a lot, but I also love my wildbird sling, which is much lighter and easier to use out and about (at Mass for instance). My ergobaby is my go-to baby carrier when I’m out running errands – which has been a total of twice so far.

Just this past week, he has begun to coo a little bit and we have started laying him in his little play mat. We’re also beginning tummy time too, which he was a rockstar at yesterday. This kid is strong! He moved his head from right to left like no big deal. From birth, he was bobbing his head all around, and sometimes when he has indigestion he’ll stretch his body out, often putting his weight on his legs. At his two week appointment, he was 10.1lbs – meaning he gained two pounds in two weeks! According to our bathroom scale, he could be about 11.5 pounds by now give or take (I weigh myself and then weigh myself while holding him).

At the end of the third week, I woke up one morning feeling extremely fatigued and with zero appetite. I had absolutely no energy, so we all had a date on the couch with Daniel Tiger. Right after lunch though, Luthien fell and ended up hitting her tooth. Her mouth was bleeding and she was screaming, and I immediately called a pediatric dentist and scheduled an appointment in 45 minutes time. I was a little freaked out. Thankfully, my mother-in-law was able to meet us at the office to help with the kids. After a couple of x-rays and a look see, it turned out that her tooth and the roots were just fine and would heal up on their own. Rainer slept the entire time (thank God!), and Luthien was such a trooper. She did cry and scream, but in between x-rays she was in good spirits. I ended up running a fever soon after that though and I had barely had anything to eat that day. Ross picked up some soup and juice, I took an ibuprofen and probiotic, and the fever came down a little. By that time my family had arrived!

IMG_3177 (1)

my first morning alone with them 


Lu playing happily in the dentist’s office 

It was a wonderful weekend with my family here, though it was too short of a visit. My siblings had a BLAST playing with Luthien, and my parents got some sweet time with their grandkids. It was a shame that I was still feeling unwell during their visit, but I am so thankful for their company and the extra arms to hold Rainer and play with Luthien. I miss them dearly! 


And yes, Rainer was baptized! Praise be to God! He did beautifully during the baptism, and slept hard the entire time. The holy water barely phased him. Ross’ parents threw a lovely baptismal reception, where Luthien had a blast with her cousins and Rainer alternated between being frustrated and being sleepy.


All in all, these past few weeks have been a whirlwind, just like this update might seem, but we’re hanging in there, treasuring all the sweet moments, and learning a lot.

Last but not least, I must say that we are entirely grateful to our family, friends, and neighbors for all love outpoured through prayers, meals, babysitting, company, clothes, babygear, etc!



2 thoughts on “What happened in 4 weeks.

  1. Reflux can be such a worry! One morning around 3 weeks or so Sebastian seemed to be struggling to breathe after feeding. After a quick trip to the pediatrician we learned it was bad reflux. Keeping them upright for about 30 minutes after feeding helped a lot! By about 3-4 months it had almost completely gone away. Wish we lived closer and could have some play dates! Sebastian is a little flirt and LOVES slightly older girls 😉


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