Lúthien, 19 Months

Lúthien has officially just finished off her last full month as an only child, and now we wait for when her sibling decides to make an appearance. She is our joy, and our hearts ache with love for her.

What a sweet smile!

Lately, most particularly these past few days, Lúthien has been quite sensitive and more “whiney.” She knows something is about to change, but while we can we are still soaking up mother-daughter time before things get busier around here. Throughout the week we’re usually busy with appointments and errands, but we are beginning to develop a pattern with our Mondays now. Mondays are turning into our quiet days, reserved for playing catch-up on household chores, and slowing down to read the same books ten times in a row.

Just last week she got both of her cute chubby legs stuck between her crib slats. If it hadn’t been for her pitiful cries and her legs actually being stuck, it would have been really funny. I walked in and she was laying on her tummy with both legs dangling out behind her. What she tried doing, I have no idea. I ended up needing to climb into the crib to help get her legs out. Poor sweetheart. After that incident at first I figured we might as well turn her crib into a toddler bed. However, after a spur of the moment decision, I just took her mattress out and put it on the floor. It has been almost a week since the change, and she absolutely loves her new sleeping arrangement. From the beginning she was excitedly enthused, sitting proudly on the end of her bed surrounded by her favorite stuffed animals. She loved it so much, she stayed in her room for the rest of the afternoon and played there. There has been no change to her sleeping habits either, and the transition has been surprisingly smooth. We put her to bed or nap in the same way we used to. When she wakes up, she doesn’t even leave the bed but stays there murmuring to her baby doll or stuffed bunny, eventually calling “Mama, Daddy” for us to come get her.

We’ll eventually do something about her sleeping space, a toddler bed, a short twin bed, we’ll see. However, we’re currently loving the Montessori styled bedroom, which is basically what her bed area is modeled after now. She is delightfully pleased and sleeping well and happily, so we’ll stick with it for now.

As far as developmental details and fun characteristics go, she still loves to look at books and begs me to read to her often. Most recently though – and this happened around the same time as her bed change – she has been much more interested in her stuffed animals, especially her stuffed rabbits. She sleeps with a baby doll (you can see her little arm peeking out in the above picture), and gets really excited about her Raggedy Ann doll (she calls it “Raggy). I’ve stored a few of her toys away temporarily in her closet so that we can be more organized. It helps her to focus more and a lot of toys go neglected anyway. We’ll cycle things in and out every now and then. One of her favorite activities is sorting. She will sort through laundry, she loves to put certain things in a bag and walk around the house, she will sort things in boxes, arrange her toy eggs in different ways in an old egg carton, line up her wooden animal cars or stuffed rabbits, move around food on her plate etc. When she picks things up and sorts them, she says this cute little gibberish phrase that I can’t seem to remember. It is absolutely adorable.


Being outside is still one her greatest passions (aside from eating SSSNNACKS!). She loves to run around and try to feed the rabbits and pick flowers. Just the other day while I was making dinner, I was watching her following Ross around with a watering can trying to keep up with him. It was too sweet. She just learned what bees are a couple weeks ago and probably assumes that they are friendly – the bees in her books and on her pajamas have smiley faces, after all! We have an overabundance of lovebugs in our backyard (ugh), and she still thinks that they are bees and chases after them.

As far as height and weight go, I don’t think that much has changed. We will be switching pediatricians, as soon as we have this next baby. Lúthien and I met him for the first time last week, and I am very excited to be moving to his office. The sick and well sections are completely separated, the staff and nurses are very welcoming and friendly, and he seems to be much more along the lines of what we want in a doctor.

And surprise, surprise (or not), we are still nursing! It was never in my plan to tandem nurse, but we’ll see how it goes. If it is too difficult on me we’ll have to slowly ease back, but I have high hopes. I’m still pretty surprised that I’ve been able to nurse throughout almost this entire pregnancy, so I’m at least grateful that Lúthien has been able to benefit from that.

Ending notes…

Lúthien asks for cheese ALL the time.

She loves it when Ross sings the Daniel Tiger theme song for her.

She has recently tried to sing along to songs while swaying back and forth.

She will only eat peas if immediately picked of the plant, but she will not eat them on her dinner plate.

She has a new fascination with eggs.



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