36 weeks, 5 days

It’s been quite a while since I’ve devoted an entire post to this pregnancy (the last one being at 19 weeks). We’re nearing the end! For the past few days, I’ve been beginning to pack our hospital bags and do the baby laundry. Lúthien got a kick out of watching me sort through newborn outfits. In a way, she’s claimed all the burp cloths and onesies as her own special project. We have our diapers all set, the swaddling cloths and Moby Wrap nice and clean, and the bouncer and bassinet have rejoined us after a hiatus in the attic (and a good washing).  Lu has not yet tried to climb into the bassinet, but every now and then she’ll quietly sit on the edge of the bouncer and ponder life (haha, that’s what it looks like at least).

Praised be to God this pregnancy was just as uncomplicated as my pregnancy with Lúthien. Perhaps my next one will be completely different? I’m still able to sleep at night for the most part. Every now and then the baby will kick like crazy once I try and lay down to sleep, but I’m usually able to ignore that until I’m out. Of course, I wake up multiple times at night to switch sides and go to the bathroom, but I’ve haven’t had any trouble going back to sleep. I’m really starting to feel the tiredness though, and I require some sort of nap however long or short to keep moving through the day. If I don’t nap, and I sit down for longer than a few minutes I get super drowsy sometimes. That’s when I lay on the couch for 15 minutes while Lúthien pokes me every now and then.

We toured the hospital last Saturday and were quite pleased. Compared to the hospital in downtown Houston last time around, this one seemed incredibly less hectic and more “peaceful” (as far as hospitals go). I’m all pre-registered now, and our liner for the labor tub we’re borrowing is shipped and on its way!

Interestingly, we do not yet have names that we are strongly leaning towards. We have a few ideas here and there, but nothing that we’re absolutely in love with yet. After our experience of naming Lúthien after meeting her (sonographer told us she was a boy), we’re both expecting to name the baby after meeting him or her.

Both Ross and I are quite eager to meet this little one, and though we may almost be ready with the material things (diapers, bags packed), I’m almost expecting to go past my due date again. We’ll see! My due date is two weeks before exam week for his students, making lesson plans for paternity leave a little awkward. We also still have a few big unfinished projects around the house and homestead that need finishing up. It’s so difficult to not feel like you’re on pins and needles all day long though!

My reservations right now…our sweet Lu. I’m hoping and praying that her sibling’s new arrival won’t be too upsetting or “earth shattering” for her. She has been wanting to cuddle more and more now, like she knows something is going to change. I know that it will take time to adjust and that once this baby is here I’ll have to face the fact that Lu is truly growing up and I can’t stop that. I’m sure she’ll be weirded out a little bit too. She loves her baby doll, but whenever she sees a real live newborn, she’ll seem a little hesitant and unsure. I know they’ll grow to be sweet, sweet buddies in time though. 🙂

And to end….how am I carrying the baby you ask? Well, a couple weeks ago I got my first “are you sure there’s only one in there?” comment. HAHA. I’m measuring on time and everything, but I have totally been carrying this baby much differently than last time. My mom thinks that it’s because this is my second big pregnancy and my body has already adjusted. Who knows!

24 weeks with Lu on left, 26 weeks (squinty eyes!) second time around on right. The baby is much lower.

35 weeks with Lu on left, 36.5 weeks second time around on right. Whattt.

Yes, that is the same shirt, and yes, I own more than that blue shirt. I literally just put it on to take that picture. I had to stop wearing it a long time ago. I mean, look, it barely fits! I’m popping out of my loose maternity shirts too, and funny thing is that I am almost the same exact weight that I was at this time with Lúthien. This baby just likes to show off. 😉

One thing’s for sure though, Baby M is just as active as Lúthien was. Little one seems to be moving almost non-stop sometimes, and he (or she) currently has the hiccups at this moment.

Until next time!


2 thoughts on “36 weeks, 5 days

  1. Dorothy, you are a beautiful person and a beautiful writer! I am blessed to be able to share in your delightful thought processes by reading this blog about your marriage, your home / farm life, your sweet daughter, your new baby, etc.! I do check-in to read it often and always look forward to your next posting! I love you and am grateful that you are a part of our family!

    Your favorite father-in-law,


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