Seven Quick Takes, Vol. 2

It’s been awhile since I’ve done one of these, but I hope to be writing them more often!

These past several days have been fast-paced, slow-paced, exciting, nerve-wracking, joyful, and tiring. First we’ll get the serious out of the way. 😉


Last week and the last week prior my mother was very sick. During Holy Week, she has pleurisy which is an inflammation of the lungs. Then following the week after Easter Sunday, she ended up in the ER where they ran a whole host of tests on her. Nothing came back positive, but they sent her home with an antibiotic and a narcotic. After that ER visit, she began to feel worse and worse (I heard this all long distance, we live a thousand miles apart) and she had extremely painful migraines along with head and back pain. She could barely sit up in bed and eat. She saw a doctor that weekend, but he was not very helpful. We were all so worried because it seemed that nobody could determine what was wrong. Then, almost a week after the first ER visit, they took her to the ER a second time. It turns out that she had a spinal headache which is a rare complication of the spinal tap she received during her first ER visit. She received a blood patch, and hours later she said she felt like a new person. I read later that spinal headaches can been some of the most debilitating and excruciating headaches you can experience (the fluid in your brain and spine is all off). THAT being said, if you have a spinal tap or even an epidural and end up with a terrible headache and back pain, you probably have a spinal headache!


As I briefly mentioned in my last post, Ross pulled up the carpet in our living room and hallway. He filled in the nail holes in the concrete, sanded it, mopped it, and then applied a few coats of Benjamin Moore’s Distant Grey. It’s an odd name for the color, as it’s really very white. We love it so far, but the work is not completely done. The walls desperately need to be painted, as they look so goofy with the white floors. Luckily, the Christmas gift card we kept for paint should cover most of the rest of that. As for now, we were going to give the floor several days to “age” and then Ross will be applying a protective wax coating. Though we have our area rug for the living room, we have yet to find a super long runner and still need to install shoe moulding at the baseboards.


after the first coat


We had friends in town from DC for a job interview and to visit with us for a few days. While Ross was working on the floor and we waiting for the paint to dry, the three of us had been staying in the temporary home where his family have been for the past 3 weeks since the flood. (Our renovation was unnecessary, their’s is necessary). Therefore, our guests were all over the place during their short visit. On their last full day here, we were finally able to come to our place and sleep here due to the paint being dry enough. Regardless of our vagabond status, we all still had a very nice time together. 🙂


Lu and Chiara


The bunnies are getting bigger and bigger and cuter and cuter. We’re trying not to get too attached to them. 😉 They are still in the indoor cage with their mother, and Ross will be building their rabbit tractor for them to move to pasture this weekend. (We do a lot of things last minute or spontaneously around here). They are still nursing, but they are now enthusiastically eating greens and pellets.


The broilers (cornish cross) are getting bigger and bigger. They’ve been out on pasture for a couple weeks or so now. They are such strange chickens! It took a while for them to learn how to forage, and it is insane (and sad) how quickly they grow. I can’t get over how goofy and fat they look. We weren’t planning on using this particular breed, but you work with what you have!


Since the Spring has coincided with my third trimester, I really haven’t put as much time and care towards our garden. Ross has put forth most of the efforts. Though things are all over the place, we are gradually adding more and more. What I love this time around is the overlap we have from the Fall/Winter garden into the Spring garden, which we didn’t have last year. We’ve had an abundance of kale, and we harvested our first batch of carrots for our dinner last night. This weekend I’ll be adding more vegetables of the squash variety (summer squash, cantaloupe). Last year, I had a full on battle with squash vine borers (UGH). This year however, we’ve introduced a lot of new soil and manure that wasn’t formerly on our property, so I believe that will help to confuse them when they come back.


This is more of Ross’ update, not mine. 🙂 While his parents were out of town this weekend they found this beauty. My husband is blacksmith, who has never owned an actual anvil. (Apparently, they are very hard and expensive to come by.) They gifted it to him as a birthday gift, and he was over the moon.


handsome, happy man

Well, they wasn’t particularly “quick” but there you go! Until next time!


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