Another month gone by (whew!)

Looking back at the previous post, it seems like this month moved much more slowly compared to last, but I suppose that is the usual comparison between February and March (at least my mom and I used to comment on that every year).

This has surely been a big month, not just for us but for Ross’ parents and for all of our town. On the 11th of March, we received the greatest floodwaters this area has experienced in over 70 years. By “we” I mean our town in general. Thankfully, our little abode did not flood in the least bit, and there was no evidence in our neighborhood of flooding at all (when just two miles down the road there were high waters). The home of my parents in-law’s home flooded up to 10 inches throughout and received quite a bit of damage. I keep hearing of more and more appliances/doors/walls/cabinets/flooring that has to be replaced.

Everything happened incredibly quickly (just a few hours), and this was not something expected as this area rarely ever floods. The greater majority of people affected were not in a flood zone either. What had happened, was that after heavy rains from two weeks prior, the current rains overflowed the rivers (and there are a total of three main rivers in our area).

We didn’t take too many pictures, but here’s one my husband took near an entrance into his parents’ neighborhood.


It was incredible how the community came together to help those affected, especially Ross’ parents. Thankfully, his family are staying in a vacant house owned by a friend until they can move back into their own home. They have been pushing through admirably and joyfully all the while taking care of their elderly great aunt and uncle.

In other news, I am finally back to being at home full time. It was a great ride teaching those girls, and it was a blessing in so many different ways. The transition back to being at home full time was a little odd in the beginning. It was a relief to not have to worry about work during the day (lesson planning/grading/dropping Lu off) and to stick to a normal schedule every week (my class schedule changed each week), but it actually took about a week to readjust. I had forgotten how busy I still am as a stay at home mom, weird right? Now that it’s been a couple weeks however, we’re back into a routine and I actually have time to meal plan, make dinner, and….clean the house (gasp). On one of my first days off, we were able to spend some nice time at the library and the park together (and not feel rushed).


Plus, this all came at about the right time, because I have been feeling so exhausted during the week now. Sometimes I sit on the couch for a minute to read some books to Lu in the afternoon (after she has woken up from her nap) and I can barely stay awake. The best part though is that I get to soak up some mommy time with my sweet pea before she is no longer an only child! my heart. 


We’ve been rather busy here at our little homestead. We took on 8 new chicks, our first batch of Cornish Cross. When my husband bought them they were advertised as Heritage Cornish, but it turns out that no….they’re Cornish Cross, BUT I’m due around May 7th anyway – so faster is better in this case. We just recently moved them outside a few days ago, where they can eat up the fresh grass. Most exciting however, is that we have baby bunnies!!


One week old

This was a bit of an accident. We weren’t planning on breeding our adult rabbits yet, but one night a buck escaped into the does cage…and well…the rest is history.


Lu and Scruffy the Buck

She is still obsessed with all things rabbit now. It’s hilarious.

A little more on Lúthien…

She is our little sunshine, our adventurous one, and she is developing a will of her own.

Some of her favorite things…

She still loves to play outside (and would be there all day, every day if I let her). One of her current favorite activities is to put on this huge hat and walk blindly around the house. Another hilarious favorite is that she now tries to imitate me sitting on my exercise ball with her own bouncy ball.


We love her imagination, and her vocabulary continues to increase more and more. I’ve even caught her trying to cautiously utter some sentences too, “Mama, I go with you.” My favorite is that she is finally saying the word “help” after trying to get her say that for the longest time. She first started saying it when she saw mosquito hawks in the house, “bugs!! help, help, help!” Most recently she’s also started calling me more by name now. For instance, if I’ve been on the opposite end of the house for longer than 2 minutes, she’ll go “Mama? Mama?” to make sure where I am. I love it. 🙂 She shows a greater interest in books, and we make trips to the library every other week now. One of her current favorite books is The Foot Book by Dr. Seuss. When she wants to read it, she’ll ask “Feet, feet!” Goodnight, Moon is another favorite, and “moon” happens to be another favorite word. She currently identifies not only the moon as “moon,” but the sun and the stars are moons too.

Now that we’re hitting 18 months, she is naturally developing a will of her own. We’re going with the flow, and I try to encourage her to communicate a little better – but you can only expect so much from an 18 month old. Thankfully, she doesn’t throw tantrums for long (for now), and I’m learning (well, trying) to be more patient and communicate clearly with her.

As far as growth goes, she still petite (and I’m sure will stay petite because of her genes) and of average weight. She’s awkwardly in-between clothing sizes. Most 18 month pants are too tight on her, but 24 month would be way too long. Thankfully, we’re entering shorts weather. Old Navy’s 18-24 month sizes are awkward too, but we’re sticking with them for now. Her shoe size is also in between 4-5, but we’re leaning toward 5’s just so that she can grow into them.



At 30 weeks

As far as Baby M goes, I am now at 34 weeks! Baby has grown even more since that picture was taken, and according to some people it looks like I have really dropped. The latest news is that Baby M is transverse (ugh), and it surely feels that way. I’ve begun to do some forward leaning inversions, but I really believe that a few visits to my Chiropractor would help tremendously. I have a feeling that things are really out of alignment and that Baby is just having a lot of trouble finding a good spot to hang out. My visits to my OBGYN have been great, and Ross and I are so immensely glad that we switched to her. She is incredibly supportive of natural birth, having given birth without pain medication four times. We will officially have the support of a doula – she is a family friend with 10 years of experience – and I am so relieved! And I am now finally reading Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth, which is incredibly eye-opening.

(Lúthien’s birth story for some background)

On a closing note, here is what our living room looked like as of 1:00pm this afternoon.


Gotta love those blocks

(Not the best picture, and of course the living room is in its usual state). Two hours later (while I was taking a very rare nap), my husband moved all of the furniture and ripped up the carpet. We will be painting the concrete a glossy white, and laying down some nice rugs. It’s been a project of our’s for a while, and now that it’s spring break for Ross, we’re finally getting to it! Stay tuned for the progress 😉



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