And there she goes…at 17 months


As previously mentioned in my last post, our little girl is finally walking. If you had told me seven months ago that it really would have taken this long, I would have laughed out loud. Though having a walking tot earlier in the game may have been better on this pregnant mama’s back, in many ways I am grateful that it took this long. As we get closer and closer to Baby M’s due date, I have trying to soak in all the sweet moments with just our little Lúthien. Her previous lack of desire for independent walking only emphasized the baby that is still here. She truly started independently walking when we were both ready, and to be specific, mentally and emotionally ready. I always said that it would finally happen once she’d make the decision. It was never a matter of physical capability or of fear but rather one of desire. Do I want to talk yet? Nope. She was so sweetly cautious and careful when it came to walking – her thoughtfulness truly reflects in so much that she does.

Anyway, it happened a few days after Valentine’s Day in her Mimi’s driveway. I was dropping her off and preparing to leave for work, and there she left on a trail down the driveway. She took four steps, tripped, and then another four steps, and then another. Before we knew it she moved on to the backyard out to explore. Within the week before this occurred we caught her walking by herself every now and then, but this was the day when she made the full transition.

It has now been about a week and a half since she began to walk, and we are all loving it. Her look of pride on her face while walking is absolutely heart melting. I love just looking down the hallway seeing her make her way over like it’s no big deal. One of the best things though is that now she can truly play outside without crawling all over the ground.


Whew. Anyway, aside from that latest development, this past month has been such a blast with her. She experienced her first Mardi Gras right alongside me (yes, it took me way too long, I know) and she loved it. We first went to a Northshore parade and watched the parade from a friend’s house who lives on the route. Not too long after the parade started, she already picked up waving at the big floats – and she loved seeing all the horses walk by. On Mardi Gras day however, we were able to watch the Rex parade in New Orleans off of the Garden District. We carpooled with a couple friends of ours who had also never been to a New Orleans parade and met up with a friend who is a New Orleans native. What could have been a stressful day of navigating the parade and dealing with traffic ended up being such a breeze with our friend. It was an excellent parade, and the throws were pretty impressive. Every time a big float passed by Lu would have the sweetest excited face on.



As far as growth and development go, Lúthien is now pretty petite for her age. Her mother’s genes finally caught up to her, but I love  how she is so small compared to other kids her age. She was diagnosed with croup last week, but it seemed fairly mild and she bounced back quite quickly. We are still nursing, which at times is a struggle and at times is a blessing. Lately though I have begun to really embrace the idea of potentially tandem nursing the both of these kiddies. I have been seeing more and more the benefits for her, and I’m still letting her take the lead. I don’t offer unless she asks, and she does actually say “nurse nurse” when she wants to – which is great. If she does ask to nurse and I really don’t want to, it’s not often a big deal either.

Speaking of…haha…her vocabulary is so impressive! She seems to be learning a new word every day sometimes. Though she is not yet speaking in sentences, she says all sorts of things. She can identify certain animals in her books, she often knows what to ask for when she wants something “teeth” (brush teeth) “bath” “snack” “book” “juice.” A few days ago she told Ross “big poo poo.” hahaha!


We love teaching her how to talk. Discipline on the other hand is a funny thing. We’re nearing the age of tantrums and toddler emotions – she’ll act like it’s the end of the world sometimes (as tots do), but she bounces back pretty quickly. What is a little difficult to figure out – and we do this through trial and error –  is how to go about disciplining and teaching her. Sometimes when we’re trying to be stern with her she’ll laugh like we’re playing a game. Sometimes when she’s approaching something she knows she’s not supposed to touch, she’ll shake her head and say “no no” and then go ahead and touch it. Oh the joys of parenting. 🙂


Lúthien and Abbot Placid!


First haircut! It was time, the baby mullet was bad news.


All in all this girl is such a delight. What a gift she is to us!



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