Lúthien, 15 Months

Here we are 15 months!

We are still currently up in Virginia visiting my family for Christmas, and Lúthien is having a wonderful time. It’s incredible how well she has been throughout this whole trip. Once we’re home I’ll eventually write a post on the trip overall, but in a nutshell she has been a ray of sunshine since we left our home.

Lúthien is still perfectly happy not walking yet. Within the past couple weeks though, she has stood without support every now and then with her legs spread apart. Sometimes she’ll bounce up and down, sometimes on a bed or couch where I suppose she knows she will make a comfy landing.

Her vocabulary has certainly expanded especially throughout this visit, and she responds more readily to some of our commands now. Most often she says “Dada,” but she has also called various Santa Claus dolls “baby” along with stuffed animals. She points to different things and names them, “apple,” “tree,” “bottle.” And just this morning she had her book “Brown Bear, Brown Bear,” and kept turning the pages pointing to each animal saying “that” while I read out loud to her.

She has recently started to play peek-a-boo of her own initiative now. It usually involves holding up a blanket to her face or if she’s on a couch or bed, she’ll crawl under all the throw pillows. If you pretend to look for her she pops up and giggles and then hide again.

When we ride in the car, she still babytalks sweetly, giggling or singing every now and then. She currently loves Adele and will dance enthusiastically in the car and even attempt something that looks like lip syncing.

It’s lovely how her personality is beginning to show itself as the months go by. Lúthien is a beautifully sweet, calm, curious, adventurous, happy, giggly little child.


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