19 Weeks Pregnant with Baby M


 {An update in which I mostly compare this pregnancy to the last…}
You know you’re not pregnant for the first time when you have trouble keeping track of how far along you are. When I was pregnant with Lúthien I always knew how far along I was because I was constantly thinking about being pregnant. This time around however, I have her to keep me much busier. I am not kidding when I say that before I began writing this post, I had to check my email from BabyCenter to double check to see how far along I was (I get weekly updates). Haha! Gone are the days when I would immerse myself in as many information books about pregnancy as possible.

Don’t get me wrong though, as we get further and further into this pregnancy I am definitely feeling more and more pregnant. I can still comfortably sleep on my back at night, but the baby bump is at that point now where he or she is big enough to look and feel noticeable. It seems that within just a week during Thanksgiving, I began to obviously start showing. It’s exciting but also weird at the same time. Honestly, I cannot get over how different this pregnancy is from the previous one! With Lúthien, I would be thrilled with the slightest pooch; yet this time, as my bump grows larger, I think….”huh, this is for real,” as if I’m still surprised that I’m pregnant. Also, Lu at this time was already clearly very active in the womb. I remember for my 20 week ultrasound she was moving non-stop, and we could already see her on my skin as she kicked. With this child, though I can feel baby move, the movements are not as often nor as strong (granted, I am more mobile and busier).

Throughout the first trimester, I was once again blessed with zero nausea. Of course I had food aversion on top of food aversion, and I loathed to be in the kitchen, but thankfully no nausea – just queasiness. Last time I was pregnant, I detested the sight and smell of garlic. This time however, I hated (and sometimes still do) the sight and smell of chicken. Coincidentally, when I was just a few weeks pregnant Ross culled our rooster, and we had it for a meal (or 2 or 3). Apparently he was delicious and even Lúthien loved it, but I was only able to have one nibble.

As far as the food aversion goes, I’ve been feeling fairly well. I have on occasion felt faint, meaning that I almost blacked out at the farmer’s market while Ross and I were talking to a vendor (haha!). Last time that happened was when I was pregnant with Lu, and it was during a job interview! I’ve had the typical mood swings and fatigue, but so far that’s about it.

Ross and I have officially decided to not find out the sex of the baby and to wait until the birth. We were tempted to find out, especially after my last ultrasound, but we’ve embraced the idea of waiting. And of course, naturally we will not be announcing a baby name (or even ideas of baby names) until the birth. For the time being we call the little one, “Baby M” (for Baby McKnight.)

I’ve started to tell Lu more often that “there’s a baby in Mommy’s tummy,” but it seems that she really thinks that I’m actually calling my tummy a baby (HAH).

I miss my incredible OBGYN from Texas, but the one that I’m currently seeing is fairly good. I got a recommendation from a friend (he’s been the OBGYN for a good handful of our friends). He’s pretty quirky and has a funny personality, but he’s easygoing and comfortable to be around for the most part. I’m not too certain however, as to whether or not we will stick with him for the remainder of the pregnancy. I would prefer to have a female doctor and/or a midwife, so I have an appointment/meet-and-greet set up in January with a female doctor of a similar practice to my former one.

To keep up with the comparison theme…while I may be more distracted this time around, we are thrilled that Lúthien will have a sibling to keep company. We love that this baby is still growing well and strong, and we anticipate meeting this precious new member of our family! As for now, we are cherishing these moments with just the three of us!

No belly picture for now, maybe next time!



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