Lúthien, 14 Months

Here we are 14 months…and a week or so!

Lúthien continues to keep us laughing and smiling and occasionally sighing. She is such a joy and a gift to have in our lives. Lately I’ve been getting more sentimental about her picking up more toddler-like mannerisms and becoming less baby, but she is definitely still such a baby.

Just being cool and eating her apple

We spent most of last week in Texas visiting with family where she had the opportunity to have a lot of playtime with her cousins and spend time with her relatives. She did impressively well the whole trip. On the car rides she napped just fine, kept herself entertained with her Pony book and her toy horse, and she even threw her own dance party (it was hilarious). Every now and then she would whine from tiredness or boredom, but it truly wasn’t that bad. As far as sleep went, she napped and went down for bedtime just fine during the trip (such a relief).

flying with daddy

Some of her favorite parts of the trip (I’m assuming) was having the playmates around, all the attention, the birds – there were tons of ducks, seagulls, herons, pelicans – and she would get super excited when she saw them, the many snacks, and playing on the porch outside.

Lúthien is still such a little goofball. She loves to giggle and make all sorts of babble. Her imagination is adorable. In addition to pretending to eat yummy invisible food, she’ll play with her animal toys and make funny noises with them, stack blocks by herself, and pretend to read books (or anything on paper) out loud.

She loves music and will dance to anything now. She’ll dance to pop music on the radio, Ross’ singing, soft piano music, and even Gregorian chant.

Her vocabulary is widening, and she understands a lot more than we realize. She recently started repeating “Amen” and “Bye” with her accompanying wave. When we’re in a parking lot she’ll wave at all the empty cars. She gives kisses on the mouth now but is hesitant to kiss Ross (probably because his facial hair tickles her).

Last week her rate of nursing went significantly down. She still nursed right after waking up, but other than that she was too busy to think about it. Sometimes she would ask to nurse out of comfort once every afternoon or so. Since we’ve gotten back from our trip though, she started teething again and has been congested, thus asking to nurse often – which is totally fine, I’m all for nursing as long as we both want to. Thankfully though within the past month she has almost completely dropped nursing right before nap and bedtime. As a result, on average it only takes me 5-10 minutes to put her down at night, which is wonderful. She will also gladly go down for a nap at nap time, but she will sometimes skip one nap during the day.

She is still not yet walking,and does not seem to show any interest in walking on her own yet or even standing on her own. I was hoping that she’d be walking by Christmas, but maybe it won’t even happen until after the new year. At least I’m not chasing after her as often as I will be when she finally does walk.

I do chase her around the house all the time though, and I have to be on constant watch. She is such a curious girl. She loves to explore, loves to study and observe everything, and some of her favorites are of course the forbidden things, i.e. outlets (with covers on, of course), phone chargers, and electrical cords. Lately she’s been getting a little better at responding to “no, no touch”…..I think.

She still has a wonderful appetite. Some vegetables she won’t eat, and she is still skeptical of eggs (understandably since she used to have a sensitivity to them). Broccoli however, is still one of her favorite foods. Her normal snacks are apple slices, bananas, cereal, and whatever Mommy’s snacking on. I often have to hide what I eat or she’ll beg to eat it all up. She even recognizes that crinkley sound of a plastic bag opening.


Yum. chocolate coconut milk ice cream!

I’m still working part time teaching, and she does fantastically well with her sitters (mostly her Mimi and some family friends). She loves playing with her great-great Aunt and Uncle and going for walks with her Mimi in their red wagon. When she’s with our family friends, she has plenty of play time and attention from the big kids and soaks it up.

Sunday stroll with Mommy & Daddy

Thanksgiving Day

We love this kiddo with all our hearts and are immensely proud of her.


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