Seven Quick Takes, Vol. 1

This is my first Seven Quick Takes, exciting! I believe this whole thing was started by this blog, and I think it’s such a fun idea. 


This week we got our first letter from my brother who is in Navy boot camp right now. It was so exciting to pull it out of the mailbox. Now, I always love letters, but there is always something much more meaningful when the other person cannot communicate by any other means but by writing. It sounds like he’s killing it right now, and is very strong mentally and physically. 


I very recently just accepted a temporary teaching position at a local school in the area until the remaining of the semester. It really just fell into our laps and was a God-send because we really need it right now. It’s just one class a week,  so I’m not away from Lu for long at all. The babysitting schedule is a bit of a balancing act, but I’m confident all will work out. 


Our Fall garden is definitely not as vibrant and full as we had originally hoped. Ross’ new job and the health of both of us has been a bit of a handicap lately, so it’s been on the back burner. On the plus side, we harvested a bunch of black beans this week which we’ll have for dinner tomorrow. 


We’re working on building a chicken tractor right now and got some more chicky-babies, as Ross calls them.  We originally wanted to do just meat birds, but it didn’t work out so we picked up some heritage breed, dual purpose birds. 


My father-in-law was able to get a few tickets to the Saints/Falcons game last week, and we got to go with some good friends. It was my first NFL game ever, and the excitement in the area was incredibly contagious. I’m not much of a football girl, but New Orleans fans are one of a kind, you just have to join them.   


This right here. I love this icon of the Martin family. Saints Zelie and Louis are such a beautiful example of total devotion to God, marriage, and family. 


Probably going to be my thanksgiving pie, or some variation of it. Ross and I had way too much time to kill at the hospital for a procedure of his today, so of course I flipped through magazines. Please pray for his health!


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