Lúthien, 13 months

It has been months since I’ve posted anything, and since I have recently made the transition over to wordpress I’ll go ahead and post a quick update. Here are some fun facts about this goofy, lovely little girl that you wouldn’t otherwise know.

  • She now has a fear of bugs. If she sees something creepy crawly she will automatically rush over to me and hold on for dear life pointing in the direction of the scary moving object with legs.
  • Her favorite word is banana which also happens to be her favorite snack. If she sees bananas at the grocery store she’ll get really excited, and I cannot leave empty banana peels around because once she sees the yellow she’ll keep asking for more.
  • Her vocabulary is growing, but she won’t often say words on command. She’ll say more (marmar), Mama, Daddy (Dada), banana (manna), apple (abble), and ball (ba). She definitely understands a lot more, and we’re finally getting to that stage where we’re realizing that it’s time to start baby/toddler discipline. She does understand the meaning of “stop,” but she responds more readily to Ross. Occasionally when I say “no” or “stop,” she’ll laugh like we’re playing a game.
  • This girl is still not really interested in walking, which I am totally ok with. She walks while holding onto things for balance, but she won’t dare let go knowing that she’s more secure crawling. Plus, crawling is so much easier and faster, right?
  • Lúthien can be very talkative and is very fluent in babytalk. Sometimes she’ll sing to herself, which Ross and I LOVE. When we’re out and about she’ll often laugh out loud to people at the grocery store, and when she’s the center of attention at Mimi and Pawpaw’s house, she knows it! However, once we’re in a big group of people with other children, it will take her a while to warm up to the loud crowd. She’ll start by playing with herself, then picking one other person to play with.
  • Right now her favorite things are leaves and grass. She delights in pulling up grass and picking off leaves from trees. And when she sees trees blowing in the wind, Lu will excitedly point and watch in awe.
  • Lúthien has a hilarious way of dancing to music. Once she hears anything that remotely sounds like a tune, she’ll often start bobbing her whole body. She even started dancing to a chant during Mass this Sunday.

We love this girl so much, and she certainly keeps us laughing.


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