Lúthien, 7 months

My little girl is 7 months old. Cue where has the time gone. Really though, it is amazing and beautiful how far we have come. I marvel at her beauty and adorable nature, while yesterday she just about sent me into a meltdown, but there’s life for you. God desires us to learn to love more deeply through our children.

Though up until 6 months old, Lúthien had always been ahead of the game regarding typical “baby milestones” (i.e. holding up head, playing with hands and feet, rolling over). Now however, I won’t say that things are at a “stand-still;” rather, she is merely comfortable where she is at now. She does not yet sit up unassisted for long, unless there is something interesting before her at eye level. Instead, she prefers to grab at her feet, and will move forward by herself onto her tummy. She won’t crawl, but she (amusingly) will come up with the most creative ways at getting where she wants to go. The only time I have yet to see her crawl is in her sleep. Awake, she roll around and kick all she wants. Have I mentioned that though her body weight and height are in the 50-60th percentile, her head is in the 98th?

Ross and I have a terrific time with her. Last Tuesday on Ross’ day off, we were walking our yard looking at our plants and fruit trees as he held Lu. Out of the blue, I decided to start running around and Lúthien burst into laughter. So around and around the blueberry bushes the three of us went, giggling and skipping. Her laughter is pure joy. Sometimes you don’t even need to try to make her giggle, something simple like me pouring out the chicks’ dirty water or clearing my throat will send her into cute little hysterics.

She is simply adorable around her father. When Ross walks in the door from work or we greet him on the front porch, she automatically start bouncing up and down; and as soon as Ross comes into to kiss her she bows her head and gets shy. She loves to watch him talk and to be around him in the garden. His mustache is still her favorite and will pull at it any chance she gets.

Lately Lúthien has begun to give us kisses. In the past she would always (still does) want to put her mouth on anything and everything that she could get her hands on, but this is a little different. She will specifically go for our lips or cheek with her mouth, and though she probably does not yet know how to “kiss” she will gently lick us. It is quite hilarious, but we believe that it is her form of affection right now.

When we first moved into our new home, it took a while to help Lu to begin to sleep alone and in her crib. After about a month though, she finally began to sleep through the night and to take 2-3 long naps throughout the day. Cue the hallelujahs. For the past two weeks though, her napping has been completely unpredictable. She can go from one day of nice long naps to another day of “oh, I’m so tired, but don’t let me nap in the crib alone, I’m going to cry for forever now.” Currently, she is taking a long morning nap which hasn’t happened in three days. Praise the Lord.

We love her so much, and I still cannot believe that she just keeps growing!

7 Month Highlights
Growth: Weight, 16lb, 2oz. Height, 2 ft, 2in. Two teeth came in at the very beginning of April!!
Sleeping Habits: Generally sleeps through the night, sometimes wakes up once around 4am. Naps 2-3 times a day, usually 1.5 hours-45 min.
Learning: She has an excellent ability to get to where she wants to go without crawling. She is very deft with her fingers and expresses her joys and frustrations well. She has become more and more social, though she also has separation anxiety too.
Feedings: We introduced solids at around 5 1/2 months because she seemed really interested in food. We started with a few purees such as avocado, bananas, and carrots. I slowed down a bit for a few weeks and then I began to let her play with food at dinner time. I’ll let her eat some things here and there from our meals, like cooked carrots, bone broth, yams, broccoli, etc. She now loves to feed herself, sometimes she will let you spoon feed her, but she prefers to feed herself.

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