Lúthien, 4th Months

— I post this now while Lúthien is 7 months! I found this unfinished draft, but I might as well get it out! —

Time is flying with our dear little girl, as these past four months have gone way too quickly. I find it hard to believe that we have completely left the newborn stage, and I am trying to relish as many cuddle moments as I can before she’s strong enough to wriggle away from my arms.

Lúthien is absolutely wonderful. She has learned so much this month, and she makes me laugh a good, hearty laugh every single day. We celebrated our first Christmas with her at the beginning of this fourth month. It was a delightful few days with the Franks over, including many other relatives from Houston, Lafayette, and the Northshore. We went to Christmas Eve Mass around 4pm, and she did beautifully during Mass! Ross held her for the majority, and we were able to nurse (almost) peacefully right before Communion. The days following Christmas were pretty noisy for Lúthien. She had a lot of trouble taking naps during the day, but (from what I recall) slept normally at night.
The following week she delightfully learned so many new things. It seemed that she was playing “catch up” from the busy week before. Within just a few days, Lúthien began to laugh, she held toys in her hands and suck on them, and then she found her feet! I thought she was way too interested in her hands to take notice of her feet, but her feet are her favorite “toys” now. She has become more and more social and will hold eye contact with me and others from long distances. During Mass, lately she has been very interested at gazing at everything all around her, despite being sleepy.
About a week or two before Christmas, she began teething. It took me a few days (or a whole week) to realize what was happening. After some troubleshooting and consulting with my mom, I realized that she was teething! She almost went on a sort of “nursing strike,” and for about a week and a half nursing was such a struggle. The first hard day (before I knew what was wrong) we went out to Metaire for some Christmas shopping with Mrs. Julie, Aunt Connie, and Barbara, one of the caregivers. We spent the whole morning before lunch moving from fitting room to fitting room in attempts to nurse. Finally I was able to get her to fall asleep (in JCPenny’s) and successfully fed her right after she woke up. Each day was rather difficult, but eventually after realizing what was occurring, I learned to feed her immediately upon waking. If things were really tough, we would nurse while I stood up.

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