A Day In the Life

A couple weeks ago while Facetiming with my family, my sister asked me what a typical day is like for Lúthien and me. I didn’t elaborate too much on the phone, so here’s how our Wednesday went this week…

4:00am Lúthien wakes up loudly talking.
[Back story] **Last night was my first attempt at getting her to sleep in a different room. (She has DEFINITELY outgrown her bassinet).  However, the crib is still in storage and will probably stay there until we move into our house next month. She slept in the pack-n-play from 7-11pm that night, but had trouble going back to sleep in it when she woke up. After two failed attempts at getting her to keep sleeping in the pack-n-play, this tired mom brought her back into our bed.**
I sleepily brought her up to nurse, but she was rather restless (from the teething). She then really woke up and started to blabber and giggle. She’s always cute, but at 4 in the morning, I’m thinking, “AHHHH. Why am I being punished?!?” I gave her some teething gel, and eventually after realizing I had been defeated, I picked her up and rocked her around the other room. Once she calmed down, I brought her back into bed and let her nurse again. Finally around 5:15am, she went back to sleep.
**This is usually not normal. She probably hasn’t had a nightly episode like this in a month and a half.

7:00am Daddy’s alarm goes off. SHOOT. Why was it so loud?! Ahh, she’s waking up. Ross proceeds to keep hitting snooze for a while, and I drift in and out of sleep while Lúthien plays by herself next to me.

8:00am I begin to wake up a little more. I was rather groggy from the early morning and attempt to get some more sleep.

8:15am By this time, Ross is almost done getting ready for work. Whoops. Ok, ok, let’s get up Lúthien.  (By now, she was getting pretty restless. What a patient baby). I start to change her clothes and diaper while getting changed myself.

8:30am Usually on a good morning by now, the baby and I have been in the kitchen for a while making coffee, breakfast, and Ross’s lunch. Because of our sleeping in, Ross made his own lunch and ate a breakfast prepared by Mrs. Julie. Lúthien and I say good morning. I put her in her bouncy chair. She’s happy but looks like she wants to chew on something, so I give her a baking spatula (haha!). She LOVES it and while she keeps herself busy, I meander around the kitchen trying to figure out what to eat.

8:45am Ross leaves for work. I eat breakfast with Lúthien on my lap until Mrs. Julie takes her to go say good morning to Aunt Connie and Uncle Jim.

9:15am After putting my dishes away, I take Lu and offer to nurse. She refuses, and I walk around with her knowing that she won’t nurse again until after she’s rested a bit. After a little while, I put her in the Ergobaby, sing her a song, and she falls right to sleep.

9:40am After only sleeping a little over 20 min, she wakes up. I take her out and we nurse on the bed. After a few burps, I put Lúthien on her playmat in front of a sunshiny window not far from me, and I get a quick shower. Oh, to be clean!! When I’m out I go check on her, and she is contentedly staring out the window. 🙂 She attempts to roll onto her tummy and succeeds once! (Her current “project” has been trying to get her other arm out of the way).

10:15am I put her on the bed and place one of her musical Baby Einstein toys next to her, while I write out a list of to-do’s for the day. Once she gets to the stage of Ahh, I can’t play by myself anymore! Ouch, my gums!, I pick her up and we sort through laundry together.

10:45am I decide to go ahead and make my lunch, and I place her back in her bouncy seat with her special spatula. I make a turkey sandwich and eat at the chopping block while talking with Mrs. Barbara, one of the caregivers. Lúthien watches Mrs. Barbara while she tells stories.

11:15am Together, baby and I put our first load of clothes in the washer. We head to the bedroom for a diaper change, and I get paperwork together for a phone conference at 12pm.

11:20am I nurse Lúthien on the bed in hopes that she’ll fall asleep for a nap. Haha, nope! When she’s done she looks at the sunshine behind me and gives a squeal of delight. She just wants to laugh and laugh, so we end up playing together until 11:50 when I quiet her down and place her in the Erogbaby.

12:00pm Our mortgage lender calls, and we talk about final numbers. I take notes for Mr. Dan and Ross. We talk for about twenty minutes, and I relate the news to the men. Lu continues to sleep. I write some thank you notes, and work on the computer (with her still in the Ergobaby)

1:38pm Lúthien wakes up. This would be a normal-ish length of a nap for a baby, but she rarely naps longer than half an hour at a time, so that was awesome. I take her out of the Ergo, and we nurse. Once she’s done I put her on her playmat again, and she plays by herself. I get myself a snack, fold a little bit of laundry, and check my email. Lúthien continues effort after effort to roll onto her stomach – it is quite amusing. She succeeds twice in getting her arm out of the way.

2:10pm I bring Baby into the kitchen and put her in the bouncy chair. I am making dinner tonight…first time since we’ve moved…(what?). We’re having chicken thighs tonight, so I prepare a marinade. Olive oil, lemon, garlic, rosemary. All the thighs are in a big bag ready for the marinade, and I pour it in. I get a text from Mrs. Julie and I turn to check it, and whoops….some marinade drips all. over. the. floor.

2:35pm Lúthien and I go out to check the mail and have a little stroll in the sunshine. She plays a little, we change a diaper, I open mail.

3:00pm Lúthien shows signs of tiredness, and I begin to try to put her down for a nap. She normally takes a third nap between 2-3pm. I try really hard to help her fall asleep. She dozes off for a few minutes and wakes. Now she just wants to play on the bed. It’s getting late, and in a last ditch effort I put her in the pack-n-play, and leave the monitor on.

3:50pm I go back to the kitchen and start preparations for dinner. Lúthien begins to get upset. Eventually I go back, pick her up, and nurse her. By now it’s really time that she take a nap. In another last ditch effort I put her in the Ergobaby. She falls asleep within ten minutes.

4:30pm I go back to the kitchen and get started on dinner again.

5:10pm Lúthien wakes up. Mrs. Julie takes her and brings her to spend time with Aunt Connie and Uncle Jim.

5:30pm Ross comes home! I’m on the phone with a car insurance salesman. He takes Lu. We finish dinner up.

6:00pm Dinnertime! The food came out great. Lúthien does really well during dinner. She was very tired but did not cry at all! Ross and I take turns holding her while we all eat.

6:30pm Bedtime. We sing some songs and lay on the bed to nurse. Because she skipped one of her naps today she seems more tired than usual and falls asleep more quickly than usual.

7:15pm I leave Lúthien, and come out to spend time with Ross. We relax on the couch with dessert while he studies to become a tour guide for work. We research some more about chickens and backyard farming and end with a few Parks and Recreation episodes.

11:00pm Bedtime! Lúthien wakes up for a feeding, and we all fall asleep.


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