Lúthien, 1 Month

It is my intent to try to write monthly updates on Lúthien’s growth and development, but I obviously missed out on the past two months. As I write this, my 11 week old little one naps on my chest. 🙂
Lúthien’s first month of life was pretty super. Every day was (and still is) very exciting, and we were so amazed to watch her grow and change every week. Her first two nights at home were difficult, but isn’t that typical for everyone? It was hard in the beginning for both of us to learn the ropes with breastfeeding, especially since she had been in the NICU and was being supplemented with formula (sad). When we first tried in the hospital, she did very well from the start (and then it got tricky). My milk came in probably on the 5th day, and before then I was so worried that she wasn’t getting enough to eat. One night we gave her some formula, because I thought that I just wasn’t producing enough. Everything was so new, and I remember stressing out so much over whether or not she had a good latch. At her first doctor’s appointment though, we realized that not only had she come back up to her birth weight, but she was already over her birth weight!
Here she is right before her appointment sitting next to Lola.
For the first week, my mom stayed with us and helped. I loved having her there; I had missed her a lot being so far from home. Every time I worried that I was doing something wrong with Lúthien, she always reassured me that everything was fine. It was wonderful having her support, but she also let me learn how to be a mom on my own, as well.
Here she is the first time we tried to sponge bath her. She did not like it.
Little Lu
Ross’ mom came in on the following week when Ross began working again. I was able to dedicate all my time to Lúthien while she took care of me. I got some great naps in, and she stocked our kitchen up with groceries and made some wonderful meals. Lúthien also got a sponge bath from Mimi that she did like. 🙂 Paw Paw also happened to be in Houston for a work trip, so he had the chance to meet Lúthien, as well as help us troubleshoot a few utility issues around the house.
After the second week, Lúthien had her two week appointment, to which we found out that she had gained even more weight! Her umbilical cord fell off shortly afterwards, and we were able to bathe her in her baby bathtub which she LOVED.
Throughout the third and fourth week of the first month, Lúthien and I spent some great time together. At three weeks, she went out for her first outing. We went to Sprouts to get some groceries for the week, and I carried her in the Ergobaby. Though I was really nervous with how she’d do, she slept the whole time. I kept the suncover over her head, and made sure to sanitize my hands often before I touched her.
Her baptism was on October 18th, 2014 at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Brookshire. In the days beforehand, our friend Christopher came to visit, and he loved spending time with Lúthien. Even though he was our guest, he was also such a great help around the house helping with the dishes and holding Lúthien when I needed a break. For her baptism weekend, Ross’ parents and my parents came down. Chris stood in for David as godfather and Grace was her godmother. Lúthien was very calm throughout her baptism until the very end when she started crying to be fed. She was beautiful, wearing the same baptismal gown that her father wore on his baptism. After everyone left, my dad stayed for a few more days to have some quality time with Lúthien and help out around the house, as well.

One Month Highlights

Growth: Weight, 10lb, 8oz (wowza) Height, 21.5 in

Sleeping habits: Beginning around 2 weeks, she started doing very well at nighttime. Usually she’d wake once in the middle of the night, and once right before Ross left for work, which at the time was around 6am. Then she would sleep until 7-8am.
Clothes: She didn’t have many newborn girl clothes to begin with, but by the end of her first month the newborn Carter’s sizes were too small. 0-3 month clothes were perfect.
Learning: She began to smile very early on. We saw little glimpses of smiles in her first week, and by the end of the month she began to smile a little bit. Also right at the end of the month – at her 1 month check up, in fact – she began to find her voice! By the end of the month, she also began to start sucking on her fist every now and then.
Feeding: Starting around the third week, I ended up with an oversupply and a forceful let down. Lúthien would get a little fussy while nursing and choke and spit up a bit. Not to mention, things were a little messy on my end. As far as regularity goes, she would nurse almost every 1-2 houses during the first month. She had a BIG appetite.
Up next, my late 2 month update!

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